Echo Dot speaker

Amazon’s second-generation Echo Dot Speaker is actually an Echo minus the larger device’s rich-sounding speaker. Now, a company called Ninety7 is giving Echo Dot the speaker that Amazon didn’t provide. Vaux is an attractive, $50 battery-powered speaker/docking station specifically for Echo Dot speaker. Drop your Alexa-enabled Echo Dot speaker into the highest of the speaker, connect the two using Vaux’s built-in micro USB and 3.5 mm aux input cables, and away you go.

Echo Dot is currently portable, and it sounds higher. To my untrained ears, Vaux’s audio is noticeably richer than the Echo Dot’s little inbuilt amazon Bluetooth speaker. however it doesn’t compare to the full-sized Echo. And I’d say it’s simply a small bit less impressive than Amazon tap, that is also a portable, Alexa-enabled speaker.

Echo Dot speaker

Vaux comes in ‘carbon’ (black) or ‘ash’ (white) to match your Echo Dot’s colours. but honestly, it doesn’t matter which color you get. Once you insert Echo Dot into vaux, all you’ll see of Amazon’s device are its top buttons and the ring, which illuminates when you talk to amazon echo Dot.

If you already own an Echo Dot and would like to give it portability and better sound, vaux is worth considering. the total cost of an Echo Dot and vaux speaker: $100.

However, if you’ve yet to buy an Echo Dot, then you might want Amazon tap instead. although it prices $130.

Amazon tap offers some advantages over vaux.

1. Amazon Echo Dot is lighter, at 16.6 ounces. vaux weighs 1.8 pounds.
2. Echo Dot is more compact, at 6.3 inches tall and about 2.6 inches in diameter. By comparison, Vaux is 6.4 inches tall and 4.2 inches in diameter.
3. Echo Dot’s battery life is longer, providing up to 9 hours of continuous playback, according to Amazon. Vaux’s battery goes for about six hours, according to Ninety7.

5 of the best things you can do with the Amazon Echo Dot Speaker

1. Make phone calls (basically, landline calls): This calling feature allows anyone who has your number to call you through the Bluetooth speaker (Echo). Currently, there is not anyway to block, remove or silence individual contacts. the best answer for those uncomfortable with this can be to call Amazon client service and disable the feature. we expect Amazon to address this issue soon.

2. Control your smart home: Controlling your lights, door locks, appliances, switches and other smart home devices is probably what amazon alexa is best at doing. you’ll be able to browse the smart home compatibility tool to check what Alexa works with, but here are some ideas to get you started:

a. Control your lights. you’ll be able to ask amazon alexa to turn lights on or off. She’ll even change the color if the lights are color-changing.
b. Open or close your garage door. smart garage door openers like Garageio work with Alexa.
c. Change the temperature. “Hey Alexa, set the temperature to 68.” Honeywell, Nest and Ecobee are simply a few thermostats that work with amazon alexa.

3. Get cooking ideas and tips:

No, Alexa cannot truly cook for you (yet), but she undoubtedly makes cooking easier and less stressful. I personally keep Alexa within the room to do things like:

a. Get conversions. “Alexa, how many tablespoons in a quarter-cup?”
b. Ask for recipes. Alexa can get recipes from AllRecipes. she can also be used to follow recipes bit-by-bit on your iPad with GoodNes. “Hey Alexa, play some smooth jazz.” because cooking is more fun with music! Control a sous vide machine. If you cook sous vide, you’ll ask Alexa to set the temperature. Set a timer. you can set multiple timers and ask her for time remaining. Here’s our longer list of everything Alexa can do in the kitchen (and how it all works.)

4. Get the news

As you get ready for work or arrive home once a long day, Alexa can let you know what is happening in the world. this is known as your Flash briefing and might be customized to include the news sources you want to hear from. what’s that you say? you want to listen to Ingenious Express News? No problem. Click here.

5. Entertain your kids for hours on end

Actually, more like, “let your children entertain themselves.” Alexa is packed with games, Easter eggs, silly answers to silly queries and much more. Here are some ways in which Alexa will keep your children busy:

a. Play games. This guide includes a few of our favourite Amazon Echo dot games.
b. Find Easter eggs. Alexa loves a good inside joke.
c. Set timers and play music. children will quickly learn how to speak to Alexa and can ask her for timers, music and random trivia.

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