BS 3 vehicles

Goodbye BS 3 vehicles

All you need to know about Indian emission standards: India has for long lagged behind its western counterparts in checking vehicular emission at the supply. Most developed countries have tight factory checks in place to confirm vehicles starting off meet the tight norms already in place. The gap though could soon be closing with Supreme Court banning sale and registration of BS 3 vehicles from April 1st.

What is BS?

While many grumbling automakers in India could have their own full form, BS really stands for Bharat Stage – emission standards established by the Indian government to limit air pollutants coming out of combustion engines like those found in motor vehicles.
BS rules are kind of like European emission standards and seeks to curb emission levels from motor vehicles.

No BS 3 vehicles are sold-out in India from April 1st, 2017 because the Hon. Supreme Court banning the sales and registration of BS 3 vehicles. Therefore India is geared up to move to a BS 4 future and it seems that the automobile manufacturers will have to pay the price, as there are over 8.2 Lakhs. BS 3 vehicles still lying unsold within the country. This scramble is happening despite the very fact that the date for change over from BS 3 vehicles to BS 34 vehicles was always better-known, the original guidelines said that no BS 3 vehicles might be ‘manufactured’ in India after April 1st, 2017. And currently with the Supreme Court banning the sales and registration too, several makers, specially the two-wheeler makers are left with an unsold stockpile of BS III vehicles. Therefore, several of them are providing heavy discounts on their BS III models, even on the performance bikes.

Planning to purchase a two-wheeler? the next two days before the weekend could also be the best time to do so. Two-wheeler dealers stuck with BS III stock are giving discounts starting from 10-15% since mid-march but those are expected to go up sharply within the next 2 days as dealers and corporations rush to liquidate BS III stock.

Although most firms remained tight-lipped regarding their BS-III stock strategy, dealers and officials spoke concerning ‘customer benefits’ increasing to 20-25% particularly on slow moving models. “In the commuter section alone the discounts for the past two weeks are in the range of Rs 4,000-5,000 in some models, brands and geographies,” said a senior official with a two-wheeler financing firm. “The discounts are higher in higher priced models however even mopeds are fetching around Rs 1,000-2,000 discount in some geographies.”

In some higher-priced models within the Rs 1 lakh and on top of vary, discounts are in the range of Rs 15,000-20,000. For Example Honda cbr 250R and cbr 150R are fetching money discount of Rs 15,000 in some dealerships and geographies whereas the rest of the range, as well as scooters, get Rs 7,500 off in those sectors.

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