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Elon Musk launches Artificial Intelligence startup Neuralink


SpaceX and Tesla CEO has a new company targeted on developing the capabilities of the brain through technological augmentation according to the wall street journal. Elon musk Neuralink, the new venture, though it’s been well-known for some time that Elon Musk was working on brain-computer interface technology. As a way to help ensure humans will keep step with the accelerating development of artificial intelligence.

Elon musk Neuralink founded in 2016 and first publicly reported on in March 2017.

The company, that remains within the earliest stages of existence and has no public presence. Whatever it is focused on making devices that can be implanted in the human brain, with the ultimate purpose of serving to human beings merge with software system. And keep step with advancements in artificial intelligence. These enhancements could improve memory or allow a lot of direct interfacing with computing devices.

Elon musk Neuralink isn’t going to be targeted on upgrading ordinary human brainpower initially. Instead, it’ll explore how brain interfaces would possibly alleviate the symptoms of dangerous and chronic medical conditions. According to the report these might include epilepsy and severe depressive disorder. These efforts might turn on existing therapies that use electrodes within the brain to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s. Giving Neuralink a start line with established science and a better path to approval for human use. Clearing that lower hurdle would then set up the corporate for its longer-term goal of human augmentation.

This has not stopped a surge in silicon valley interest from tech trade futurists who have an interest in fast the advancement of those varieties of far concepts. Kernel, a startup created by Braintree co-founder Bryan Johnson, is also attempting to boost human cognition. With over $100 million of Johnson’s own money the entrepreneur sold out Braintree to PayPal for around $800 million in 2013. Kernel and its growing team of neuro scientists and software engineers are operating toward reversing the consequences of neuro-degenerative diseases and, eventually, making our brains quicker and smarter and more wired.

It may sound far-fetched, however in reality this is essentially the Elon Musk standard playbook for building new corporations based on big ideas. Both SpaceX and Tesla used an equivalent model beginning with near-term product that weren’t nearly as ambitious as later efforts. So as to crest a sustainable path to grand styles, like landing on Mars or cheap, factory-made long range EVs.

Why Elon Musk is worried about Artificial Intelligence?

Elon Musk will definitely have a full plate with Neuralink on top of Tesla and SpaceX, still as his aspect venture. The Boring Company, that is looking into solving urban transportation problems via tunnels. However the CEO sees AI as a risk that would potentially affect humanity at massive. His call to pursue this potential solution likely looks as imperative to him as will the requirement of expanding our intergalactic colonial footprint, or weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels.

To be fair, the hurdles involved in developing these devices are huge. Neuroscience researchers say we have terribly limited understanding regarding how the neurons in the human brain communicate. Our ways for collecting information on those neurons is rudimentary. Then there’s the idea of individuals volunteering to have electronics placed within their heads. People are only going to be amenable to the thought if they need a very serious medical condition they might get help.

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