Firefox rolled out its best version of the browser in an effort to level its competitors. This new version of Firefox (Firefox light) will be available for download on Wednesday. It will increase browser speeds and cut down the memory usage. Mozilla Firefox has always been preferred by those who are concerned about their online privacy and security.

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Firefox is now faster and leaner than ever.

A week after Apple announced that the latest version of its Safari browser loads some websites 80 percent faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla is making some lofty claims about its own Firefox browser. This is not an official Mozilla release. It’s a browser created by a third party based on original Firefox framework.

It separates the browser into multiple separate computing processes make the browsing smoother and increases efficiency. The new Version of Firefox called Firefox light also ensures that Firefox doesn’t hog up all the available memory of the PC and other programs run efficiently too. The older version of Firefox has been relying on a single operating system process to load multiple 2.5-megabyte-sized tabs at once.

So as to make the Firefox run in multiple processes, Mozilla developers had to break Firefox Add-Ons that depend on a single-process architecture. according to the developer, the following features have been removed to make this lighter version of Firefox load much faster.

  • Crash report
  • Skia Graphic engine
  • WebM
  • Opus Codec
  • WebRTC (enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs)
  • Javascript Debugger
  • GamepadAPI
  • Intl object  for the ECMAScript Internationalization API
  • Web App Sync
  • Health report
  • Firefox Devtools with the Social API
  • DirectShow
  • And a lot more.

How to download Firefox light?

In order to download the lightfirefox (v26), or just Firefox Light you’ll need to go straight to the third-party developer’s page and add the .exe file to your Google Drive account and click on the download link.

It will take you to the page with several download links. Click the first folder labeled “ICC,” and then click the “classic theme” folder that loads on the next page.

Select either the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your computer. A blue download link will appear after selecting your version. Just tap the download button to save light Firefox directly to your Google Drive account.

Save the file to your hard drive and continue by following the install prompts to Install Light.

firefox light

For those you can’t get the Flash plugin to work, you need to just copy the NPSWF32.dll to the plugin folder.

  • Close Firefox Light
  • Install the Flash Player and go to the install directory
  • Copy NPSWF32.dll paste it into Light\browser\plugins or to the Profile folder.

What makes firefox equals to chrome?

Firefox 54 has opened up its upper limit of processes from one to four, which are four less than the numbers used by Chrome browser. You can also customize it to be more by entering “about: config” in the address bar and adjusting the settings themselves.

The company claimed that the first 4 tabs use those 4 processes, and additional tabs run using threads within those processes. Instead of creating their own memory, Multiple tabs within a process share the browser engine that already exists in memory.

On Windows 10 64bit processor, Chrome used 1.77X memory as compared to Firefox while it used 2.44X memory on 32-bit Windows 10.

MacOS (64-bit)- Chrome used 1.36X memory as compared to Firefox.

On Linux (64-bit), Chrome used 1.42X memory as compared to Firefox.

Safari browser on Mac uses a significant amount of memory as compared to Firefox, as does Edge browser on Windows 10.

Most of the features in Firefox Light are used regularly, but for those who don’t, and wish to improve the performance and optimize the memory usage, can give this browser a go. This can co-exist with the full version of Firefox. You don’t need to remove the existing version of Firefox to test the new Firefox light.


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