Artificial intelligence (AI)

Well! ..Before starting about the Google’s Artificial intelligence (AI), lets take a pinch of taste towards  Artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial intelligence (AI)? what are the advantages of Artificial intelligence? In simple words the definition of Artificial intelligence (AI) means, any device that perceives its surroundings and results in greater scope of success towards a certain goal. It is designing machines that have the ability to think or simply machine learning. This definition of artificial intelligence could lay a great emphasis to the man kind. The advantages of Artificial intelligence strives towards success by making things easier and faster,taking risks on behalf of humans etc. Machine learning has become a greater scope for AI. There is an Artificial intelligence software Braina (Brain Artificial). This artificial intelligence software is a voice recognition software for windows PC that allows us to interact with our computer using voice commands in English language. Artificial intelligence(AI) has a great importance in our daily lives as it is used in important areas such as banks and financial systems,medical sciences, large scale industries etc

Applications of Artificial intelligence (AI)

Applications of Artificial intelligence had a great impact on the mankind. It is experienced almost by every individual in the world. Some of the applications of Artificial intelligence which are used commonly is as follows:

  • Video games
  • Security surveillance
  • Smart cars
  • Online customer support etc.

Open Artificial intelligence (AI)

“OpenAI” is a non-profit artificial intelligence company which is associated with the greatest scientist ELON MUSK. OpenAI aims to promote and develop “friendly AI” in such a way to benefit humanity as a whole. Elon Musk characterizes AI as humanity’s biggest “existential threat”. Musk asks the question: “what would be the best thing that could be done to ensure the future is good? We could just sit on the sidelines or regulatory oversight can be encouraged, or we could participate with the right structure with people who care deeply about the development of AI in a way that is secure and is a leverage to humanity.”


Jesse Engel will be playing an instrument between the Clavicord  and a Hammond organ. Clash of touch with the 18th century classical crossed and 20th century rhythm and blues. This strange thing happened when he dragged a marker across the screen. It was somewhere between the clavicord and the hammond. So, he kept repeating the process making it vice versa between the two instruments. One of his colleagues, Cinjon Resnick stated that this was not just like playing the two instruments at the same time. The software’s are not the root cause of the clavicord and the hammond. It was something that they were producing extremely novel sounds from the two instruments using mathematical instructions. Similarly,this could happen to various combination of instruments resulting in tremendous novel sounds. This could be credited to the Artificial intelligence.


Google magenta is a small team of Artificial intelligence researchers of internet giant building computer systems who can make their own art. Engel and Resnick are part of this google magenta. Their latest project is known as  “NSynth”(Nueral Audio Synthesis).It is the novel approach to music synthesis which is designed in such a way to aid creative process. The team will be demonstrating this technology in “MOOGFEST” (the annual art,music and tech festival) which will be held in this week in Durham,North Carolina.

The main aim of Nsynth is to use machine learning to develop new methods of human expression. This work was a co-operation between the Google Brain Team an Deep Mind. Majors persons are Jesse Engel, Cinjon Resnick, Sander Dielemen,Karen Simonyan,Doug Eck. Sander and karen contributed the key algorithm and Adam handled the burnt of the dataset.


As mentioned above Google brain team and Deep mind resulted in achieving success for NSynth. Magenta is a part of this brain team, where a team of few AI researchers are trying to delve into the limits of sound as well as machine learning. Now the problem lies in producing the complexity of sounds. So, the researchers created  “NEURAL NETWORKS”. These are complex mathematical systems which acts as a helpful tool for finding the faces, solving bulk data, reconnoiter verbal words and also understand the normal language spoken by humans.

Therefore, Magenta finally decided to convert this as an opportunity to use neural networks as a technical teaching tool for machines to produce novel forms of music and various art forms. NSynth came up with an NSynth data set consisting various notes extracted from various instruments across a range between velocities and pitches. Magenta team geared towards the neural network for creating various sounds from various instruments. These notes are later analysed and several stratum of calculations is run across the computer chips which made the neural net easier to understand the audible characteristics of any instrument. A mathematical Vector (which has magnitude and direction) is created which helps to mime the sound of every instrument. Also, it can even produce the sound of combination of any two instruments.

In addition to this they made the “TEMPORAL EMBEDDING” (useful to learn repeatedly occurring structure elements for predicting  future changes) and “DORMANT SPACE OF TIMBRE AND DYNAMICS” (reason why this technology is made). The team also created a platform for Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers and also revealed the NSynth algorithms where any individual has an opportunity to download and produce any kind of Music. This Artificial intelligence can provide tools for musicians as well as artists. Now it depends upon the tactic, the way they can balance between the existence of small line of present and the unlimited future.




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