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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a gaming franchise that has been in the favorite list of every gamer since the evolution of gaming pc. From Grand Theft Auto in 1997 to GTA V in 2016, GTA games always excited gamers the most. Through this article we’ll try help you relive those golden memories and get engaged in the current sensation GTA 5. The gameplay of all the parts of GTA games have been same to a great extent same. It is hard but still, this coherence is very beautifully maintained though the story-plot of every new title is different from the previous one. This action-adventure mission game series is published by Rockstar Games and is the biggest hit for the company.

Titles under GTA games

Grand Theft Auto

Till now GTA has the following titles under their name.

1997- Grand Theft Auto

1999- Grand Theft Auto London 1969

Grand Theft Auto London 1961

Grand Theft Auto 2

2001- Grand Theft Auto III

2002- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

2004- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Advance

2005- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

2006- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

2008- Grand Theft Auto IV

2009- Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

2013- Grand Theft Auto V

All of these games may have a different story plot but the gameplay is the same. The story of all these games is developed on the backdrop of three cities Liberty city, Vice city and San Andreas. These three cities are considered significant to New York City, Miami and the state of California, respectively.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto

This action-adventure game is the latest of the GTA games that was released on 17th September 2013 for PlayStation and on 14th April 2015 for PC. GTA 5 can be played from a first person as well as a third person preview. In both the modes the game gives an out of the world feel because of its life-like graphics and phenomenal background development. Though GTA Five had to face some controversies because of few torture centric missions, but this had no effect on its sales. The game, like the other titles under GTA Games, once again won the hearts of Gamers. That’s the reason why even in 2017, the game was ranked at no. 2 in the ranking of Top 10 Best PC games in 2017.

Special features of GTA V

GTA 5, being a very vast game, offers many different ways of enjoyment other than just completing the missions of the story-plot.

Make your name Burn

One of the hottest thing that GTA five offers is to set the street on flames with the design of your name. Only thing that is needed for this is a jerry can that can be purchased or found in the game. Once you have it, just a little bit of creativity will help you to achieve the goal as you just have to pour it on the street in the desired shape.

Bored with being a human, be an animal then

That’s the craziest thing that GTA 5 offers which allows you to transform to any animal from the game. For this, what’s needed is a peyote plant. Just consume it and then you are free to take a hallucinatory trip into the body of an animal.

Don’t forget to capture your favorite moments with in-game Selfie

When the craze of Selfie is so high that every day thousands of selfies are uploaded on social media, developers made sure to keep it a part of game. With your personal in-game smartphone, you can really enjoy this cool feature. So now don’t forget to take Selfie every time you complete a mission, do something bizarre or something crazy.



Cheat codes are generally available for all the games but for GTA the cheat codes are like an eternal part of the game. The reason might be the extreme difficulty of few missions or that additional excitement which can be enjoyed by the use of GTA cheats. Hence, gamers have always been very vivacious in using GTA cheats.

Talking about the current sensation, here’s the list of few useful GTA 5 cheats to increase the level of your excitement.

INCENDRYFlaming Bullets
HOTHANDSExplosive Melee Attack
SKYDIVEGive Parachute
FLOATERMoon Gravity
LIQUORDrunk Mode
POWERUPRecharge Ability
SLOWMOSlow motion
SKYFALLLaunches You to the sky
TURTLEMax Health & Armor
FUGITIVERaise Wanted Level
LAWYERUPLower Wanted Level
MAKEITRAINChange Weather
SNOWDAYSlippery Cars Drifting
DEADEYESlow motion aiming



While GTA V is ruling the gaming market, the greedy gamers have started to pray for the early arrival of GTA VI. According to the recent news from the gaming world GTA VI has already entered into the early stage of production. Gamers have very high expectations from this next part as well. It is hoped that the developers will keep it in mind. Few of those things that gamers seriously want include a strong female protagonist, VR support and an FPS option from the start.

But till that time comes, the GTA five can surely keep you entertained and particularly after the online update. The online version of Grand Theft Auto allows you to play multiplayer in co-operative and competitive mode. This has greatly attracted the gaming world and kept them engaged.

So gamers keep enjoying and playing the available series of GTA GAMES. At the same time , also, keep praying for the next version GTA VI to hit the market soon.


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