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Latest Humble Mobile Bundle offers great adventure games for cheap

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The adventure games category has seen a growth of recognition in the last few years, after a period of time when they were only thought-about to be a really niche category. Today, the most recent edition of the humble Mobile Bundle will allow you the prospect to get a bunch of great adventure games for only a little money.

For any value you want, you can get 3 terrific adventure games. The classic Machinarium from Amanita style, the mystery game Kathy Rain from Raw Fury, and Grim fandango Remastered, a graphically updated version of the legendary LucasArts adventure game, as revamped by Double Fine Productions. If you add one dollar, you’ll also get the game’s audio recording as a separate download.

If you pay $4 or more, the humble Mobile Bundle expands to add 3 more games. One is Her Story, a critically acclaimed mystery game that breaks a number of the genre’s boundaries. Another is Sorcery! part 4, based on the pen-and-paper game from Steve Jackson. Lastly, there is robust Men at sea from developer Brain & Brain, which has you controlling 3 fishermen in search of adventure experience.

If you wish to pay $6 or more, the bundle expands time to add 2 more games. One is Lumino town, the just released handmade adventure puzzle game. The other is Samorost 3, a title from the team behind Machinarium. Any money sent to purchase this bundle may also be broken up to send a tip to the humble Bundle team, you have a choice to send cash to charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play or a charity of your selection.

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is out there from now till May 1. which of those games are you most looking forward to playing?



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