Facebook-owned Instagram keeps rolling out new features every now and then. Last month, Instagram introduced Face Filters, and now, the company has started rolling out a new feature called Archive.

Archive option on Instagram allows to store photos privately

Last month Instagram confirmed that it’s currently testing the feature and the tool will not appear for all users. The company could expand the availability of the feature in the coming months, a representative said. Finally, Instagram released its Archive feature worldwide making it available for all users on June 13.

Rather than permanently deleting the Photos you posted which failed to garner enough likes, you can now move them to the archive for later viewing. This feature allows only you to view your archived photos, so you can revisit it anytime. You can even see previous likes and comments from your friends.

The main reason for introducing this new feature is to make people more comfortable with sharing certain photos in the first place. The company hopes that this feature would stop people from deleting their photos that they feel too personal later on.

The spokesperson of Instagram explained that your profile tells who you are and how you’re evolving and Archive will help you to shape your profile while still preserving moments that matter. He also added that with this update, you can now have space just for you, where you can revisit moments without having to keep them all on your profile.

Here’s how to archive your Instagram photo:

If you want any photo to archive just click on the three-dot (…) option placed right on top. Normally you will see options like edit, delete and share. Along with them, you can now see the archive option. By tapping that button your photo will be sent to your private gallery i.e your archive, where only you can see them.

archive option

To access the archive you have to tap the clock icon with an arrow surrounding it in the top right corner of your profile. Of course, the archive also let you repost the image if you have changed your mind. All you have to do is tap the “show on your profile” option. Instagram will not notify your action of Archiving and un-archiving to your followers. So you can move things in and out as much as you’d like.

The new feature slightly resembles the Snapchat’s memory section. It’s way of saving and sharing old snaps in a private archive inside the main app. The only difference in Instagram version is that you can’t directly archive your image. Meaning the photo has to be public at least for a second. So this feature will be used as more of an actual archives section and less as a personal gallery. It will be interesting if the Instagram update the feature to keep photos private from the start itself.

Take a look at how both these apps resemble each other:

Disappearing direct messages

Snapchat launched its core product, in 2011. It’s a useful app for sending photos, and later videos, that disappear after being viewed. On late November, Instagram updated its version with the similar feature of Snapchat.

The major difference is that you must play the message twice before it disappears. This feature allows people to have a chance to communicate with a more confident approach to things being assured that these direct messages have high privacy levels. It brings a much-needed transformation.


On 2013 Snapchat took its first step towards Stories, a string of semi-public photos and videos. Instagram released its version of Stories in August, where you can be able to tag another person which is not available on snapchat.

Live video story

Snapchat has experimented with live one-on-one video chats that are happening in the world but the Instagram version of Live video features comes with a twist. The video will disappear after its over which add excitement to the videos.

But the fact is that most of the apps we use each day are based on the building blocks of the products that came before. If social apps didn’t copy each other, there’d only be one app with a feed, one with hashtags, one with image filters, one with user profiles, or one with instant messaging.


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