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Intel’s core i9 – Family of monster chips

Intel's core i9

Intel is one of the leading processor making companies of world. From quite a long time Intel’s processors have kept imparting much needed power to computers. But as the time keeps moving, so does the demand of power. This has led the company to a huge technological development and the biggest example of this is Intel’s core i9. Intel’s core i9 series started with Core i9-7900X that had 10 cores but with the latest version of Core i9-7980 XE having 18 cores now the company can proudly claim to have created the most powerful monster chip.



Computex in Taipei reached to the extreme level of excitement when Intel unveiled its new family of ‘Core X’ desktop processors and its first 18-core high-end Core i9 CPUs. The first 10-core consumer CPU was launched by Intel at Computex last year. From 10-core to 18-core, Intel made it clear that it truly deserves to be the leading processor developing company.


All the Intel’s core i9 chips feature the base clock speeds of 3.3 GHz. At the same time it is capable of reaching up to 4.3 GHz dual-core speeds with Turbo Boost 2.0, which can further increase to 4.5 GHz with Turbo Boost 3.0. Turbo Boost is a technology implemented by Intel that enables its processor to run above its base operating frequency by giving it a dynamic control of the processor’s clock rate, depending upon the requirement. It is activated when the operating system requires the highest performance state. The performance of Turbo Boost 3.0 is further more improved in the new Extreme Edition chips.


The family has been given the name of Skylake-X. There are five members in the family of i9 processor which include:

Intel's core i9

01.Core i9-7900X with 10 cores

02.Core i9-7920X with 12 cores

03.Core i9-7940X with 14 cores

04.Core i9-7960X with 16 cores

05.Core i9-7980XE with 18 cores

All of these processors have 10 or more than 10 cores and hence guarantee a power-packed performance. The price ranges from $999-$1999. While the 7900x will be in market within few weeks, i9-7920X will hit the market in August 2017. The release date of the other three processors is yet not announced.  All of these members from the family of i9 processor support quad-channel DDR4-2466 RAM.

01.Core i9-7900X

7900X is the least expensive model in the Core i9 family. This 10-core processor has Hyper Threading support and 13.75 MB of L3 cache. All the eyes turned towards this processor when it was able to past the 5.7 GHz bench-mark.  This was done by a well-known overclocked Elmor. He used liquid nitrogen (LN2) for cooling the processor.

02. Core i9-7920X

7920X comes with 12 cores and 24 threads. The total cache in i9-7920X is 16.5 MB of L3. 7920X features a quad channel IMC allowing up to eight DDR4 DIMMs (two per channel) clocked at 2666 MHz.  The chip also features a total of 44 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes. Its expected price is $1500.

03. Core i9-7940X

The i9-7940X will be having 14 cores. It features advanced encryption standard instructions, extended memory 64 bit technology, hyper-threading technology, virtualization technology and a lot more. The date of release is yet not announced but it is supposed that it’ll be sold at $1399.

4. Core i9-7960X

The core i9-7960X comes with 16 cores and 32 threads. This adds up to the 160W TDP that transforms this chip of i9-processor family to a power hungry. It comes with various features including Virtualization and unlocked multiplier.

05. Core i9-7980XE

The monster chip, the most powerful chip of Intel till date is i9-7980XE. This is supposed to be the most powerful processor till now and hence it is the most expensive. The selling price of this member of i9 processor’s family is $1999. This price may be hard on wallet but the crazy power lovers are ready to pay any price. This chip comes with 18 cores and 36 threads along with a teraflop of computing power. This world’s fastest chip comes with lots of cache memory. The total cache memory includes 24.75 MB of L3 and 18 MB of L2 which sums up to 42.75 MB and that’s very impressive.

Intel's core i9

Intel has surely given a new meaning to the phrase “powerful performance” with these monster chips. These chips may be hard on wallet but they are equally hard in strength and performance.




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