The world of printing has gone through a tremendous transformation in the past decade or so. This has completely revolutionized the process of printing and eased the whole experience for the users. Cost-effective printers that are capable of generating high-quality prints have been one of the major concerns of printer owners all over the world.

Through the medium of this post, we are going to have a look at a few of the latest trends in printing technology that you should look forward to in 2018.

Cost Effective Printing is of Prime Demand

More than the advanced features that the modern day printers include these days, an average printer user stresses upon the cost-effectiveness aspect. Printing is not just restricted to the workplaces and has become an integral part of our homes as well. Especially talking about students who would avoid spending on the printing jobs. Most of the printer manufacturers are coming up with cost-effective printers keeping in mind the home-based users.

3D Printing Will Penetrate Into The Different Sectors

3D Printing

It has been quite a few years since 3D printing came into existence but still, it has not been adopted in all the sectors. However, in 2018 this is going to change. 3D printing technology is capable of producing three-dimensional objects by making use of the additive manufacturing process. There are a lot of industries where 3D printing technology has a pivotal role to play. It simplifies a lot of internal processes which appeared quite intricate with 2D printing. There are quite a few industries be it the manufacturing or even medical where 3D printing can penetrate into.

Erasable Printing Technology

The first prototype of the erasable printing technology was demonstrated by the Japanese multinational Toshiba. This technology will automatically erase all the contents that are showcased on a piece of paper. The whole concept of erasable technology takes its cues from the technology that was intended for Pilot pens. Under this, ink is deposited onto a page that is then rendered transparent by making use of high-temperature heat plate that you will find within the equipment. This is a revolutionary technology as users will not have to worry about the incorrect printing material. All they need to do is put it back into the printer and the content will be erased.

Sheet Fed Digital Printing

 Sheetfed digital printing is a relatively new concept and is quite a few new systems that have already hit the shelve. It has been adopted by some of the renowned vendors HP, Fujifilm, Konica, Minolta, and Screen. The sheetfed digital printing will benefit the commercial printing companies as they would have the ability to print close to B2 (707 X 500 MM) sheets. This will completely change the way in which the companies go about their printing business. The format sizes are expanding, however, the cost of digital printing is going down.

Focus on Automation

 The printing equipment is not enough which has shifted the focus on automation and also on cross-vendor collaboration. This is because the main objective is to increase productivity. It is also referred to as Print industry 4.0 where the necessary raw materials are not ink or paper. On the contrary, it is the data that connects the different machines. The sole objective is to streamline the whole manufacturing process that will make it profitable and efficient.

Security Printing

Security Printing

Security printing is one of the common needs of every organization. No organization or firm can function without having a stringent security system. There have been a lot of dramatic and stern changes that have been made in this respect. This is due to the increased number of threats it has become quite vital to implement some hard steps in order to enhance the security. There is still a lot of scopes left in security printing. A few of the recent advances that are being made in security printing include biometrics, advanced substrates, unique links and 2D barcoding.

Developments in Inkjet Printing

 The inkjet printing market has seen quite a few significant developments. This has made the printers move away from electrophotographic and also from offset printing. With innovative inks and improved printheads will stick to the gloss coated paper without the need for pretreatment. This is the reason why inkjet has become a preferred choice for printing magazines and catalogs. According to experts, by 2019 more than 50% of the installs in inkjet will be sheetfed.

Mass Customization is the Future

 A few of the innovative companies like Xaar and Memjet have come up with basic to complex solutions that will allow you to build a customized press of your own. A purpose built press is the future and it doesn’t matter what you want to print. For building a customized press of your own you can make use of the important components. There are some companies that will build it for you.

Substrates and Jetted Materials

Substrates and Jetted Materials

There has been a large uptick in the plastic materials and the non-paper. Non-document digital printing is expected to escalate sharply in 2018, inkjet will be used for textile, foil, ceramic, wood, metal and glass. There have been a lot of product announcements that have been centered around corrugated boxes, packaging, labels, ceramics, and cartons. 3D printing has already made a foothold in the packaging industry that has made printing and designs a pivotal part of showcasing the real speed of the digital world.

Internet of Things (IoT)

 There is a strong presence of cloud-based computing across the different industries. With respect to commercial printing, the information is stored from the printer or any other piece of printing equipment which is sent to the cloud. All the information will be analyzed in the cloud and then it will be sent to the end user from the dashboard. The benefit of having a working model like this is that you will get the desired insight of the printing business owners which will be helpful in adjusting the business cost models.

Online Printing Platforms

 Online printing platforms will connect the customers who are in search of print products for the sellers or the print shops in different locations. The impact created by these platforms has been increasing and come 2018 you will be able to fully witness them. The best part about online printing platforms is that you will automate the job intake and make the process of printing easier for the end users along with the printing providers.

Multi-Channel and Cross Printing

There has been a major impact of digital communication and internet on printing. Big data, variable data printing, web to print and the internet supported tools like the QR codes and augmented reality has had an impact on the whole world of printed products. This will complete the workflow and make it easier for the end user to simplify the different print related jobs.

Cloud Printing


Cloud printing is utilized by quite a few business organizations. However, still, it is not utilized completely. More and more people are going to going to adopt this new technology as it gives them the ability to utilize their smartphones and tablet computers for going about the printing job. Most of the companies are offering cloud printing services that will allow your printers to connect to the cloud servers. Cloud printing is a cost-effective alternative when compared with buying the expensive resources and servers.

Rise in Environmentally Friendly Practices

Printing industry has created a bad image of itself as it is known to pollute the environment. This is somewhat true however there are some technologies that have been adopted which has diminished the negative impact on the environment. Companies are offering individualized solutions to the customers that will enable them to calculate the emission of greenhouse gases that are caused by the printing production runs.

Extended Gamut Printing

 Most of the high-end sheetfed ink presses have been modified for supporting the extended gamut printing. This will minimize the need for spot colors between the extensive ink inventories and the job wash-ups. Extended gamut printing is used in flexo. This development will be driving inkjet into the packaging.

In The End

 After going through this post, you will become aware of the latest trends in the printing technology. As the world of printing is in a state of constant evolution there is a high possibility that you will find quite a few new trends in the coming year. There is still a lot that can be done in printing. Experts are working day in day out which has resulted in developments that were a distant dream a few years back. The main objective or the outcomes of the developments made in the world of printing is to ensure cost-effective and high-quality print outputs.

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