Basically, to start with, there are many major problems for students are facing almost throughout the entire world.

When it comes to students who are studying abroad or students who are studying away from home, one of the problems is accommodation.

Student accommodation is all about feeling safe and have many other alternatives. All want to have stress-free living in the secured place with perks such as Wi-Fi or maintenance or 24/7 security.

And that’s all great. But it has few exceptions which we will discuss here. We will try to find the solutions to the students who are finding difficulties who are away from home.

Rent a home, not just a house Furnished house with all amenities. 

Problems occur when they are away from the house

There will be many houses for rent or rooms for rent, but everyone needs a stress-free living like in an apartment with all the facilities and maintenance. There are plenty of horror stories about student accommodation in and around. In this article, we will discuss the problems that students face when they are away from the house. We will see in our day to day life it is very difficult to rent an apartment in a well-known area. But nowadays it has become very much difficult to rent an apartment at a cheaper rate as well. Students who are with their family enjoy the perks they are having. But students who are away from house face many difficulties for the sake of accommodation.

Even after great difficulties if we rent an apartment, the rents will be too damn high or maintenance will be more or no security will be provided 24/7 or it may not be a residential area. Searching alone for an apartment is next to impossible. So we will search online. It may be or may not be satisfactory. Not everyone’s view is same, many of them will opt to see it directly once and check it out.

Of all these the best way to rent an apartment is to search for a house broker or a rent broker and seek for his help. As his/her job is to find apartments for rent for customers he will find it in a very easy way. Even though after finding apartments for rent it is important to note how expensive and difficult to pay rent brokers. We will make a clear and accurate discussion on how expensive and difficult to pay rent brokers in the below section.

Family homes with big savings – Nestaway. 

How expensive and difficult to pay rent brokers?

It may be easy to find a house for rent or a room for rent nowadays, but searching for apartments for rent has become the most difficult and challenging job for everyone. After the hell lot of difficulties broker agent will search an apartment for rent.  There is no guarantee that you can stay in the house peacefully. There will be many pros and cons with the landlords as well.  Rent is the main difficulty.

The rent brokers will demand high if there are many facilities. But the problem comes when no proper basic facilities are provided. It may be water supply, electricity supply, maintenance, security, cleanliness etc. The landlord may increase the rent all of a sudden and demands you to pay the full rent in a go. Being a student it’s a curse to maintain all the expenses at a time. If the rents are not paid on time he may enter your apartment without your permission and start an argument which may turn into a fight. Henceforth you cannot lead a happy and peaceful life out there.

When we look into these problems that students face when they are away from home such as renting an apartment at low expenses, it should be noted how expensive and difficult to pay rent brokers. So we need to deal with the broker agents properly else we will lose the apartment for rent which he had to search for us.

There will be a solution for every problem. One such solution for this problem that students face when they are away from the house is “NESTAWAY“.


NESTAWAY – Rent for homes | Furnished or unfurnished flats

Amarendra Sahu, along with Smruthi Parida, Deepak Dhar, and Jitendra Jagadev founded Nestaway in January 2015.

“Nestaway’s mission is to make city housing available and affordable at scale. We are truly excited to see the participation of our existing investors and welcome Yuri to the tribe”, Amarendra Sahu, Co-founder and chief executive of NestAway, said.

Nestaway had previously raised over $13 million(around Rs. 86.6 crores) in capital over two rounds from marquee investors including IDG Ventures India, Tiger Global, Flipkart, Naveen Tewari and Kanwalijit Singh.

Nestaway manages the end-to-end requirements of a rental property throughout its rental life cycle.

The company charges a small percentage of monthly rent it generates from the house as commission.

Further, it does not charge any brokerage or upfront fees to either the owner or the tenant, it said.


Features that are working on:

  • Leverage the community – When nestie moves into a house almost always there are many already living in the vicinity. The slew of features to let newbie nesties find whatever they need to help them settle peacefully.
  • Make sharing frictionless – In a shared living context the whole sharing process should be as frictionless as possible whether it is sharing costs for electricity or sharing internet bandwidth or making decisions like what to have in dinner or who will do what this week!
  • Take things online – Visualization of houses, Signing of agreements, Registration of agreements, KYC for tenants.
  • Smart Houses – Smart Locks, Smart Electricity Meters
  • Safety and security – It is one of the top priority for NestAway. With this as their focus, the company plans to use advanced technology to provide top-notch safety and security measures. Hence, Nestaway will soon introduce interesting safety features which will be extremely useful to the nesties.

Nestaway – App

  • The NestAway app on Android was launched in Feb 2015 and iOS in Nov 2015.
  • With few clicks on the app, prospective tenants can find, book and move into a rental home of their choice. The app makes it convenient for prospective tenants to locate homes through 3 easy steps: Search-Schedule-Book. Tenants can also avail other services listed in the app.
  • The latest update introduces the individuals to an exciting set of features. From getting a virtual tour of the home to an array of filters and offers, the app makes it easier for the prospective tenant to find their dream home faster.
  • The NestAway app is regularly updated with new features being introduced from time to time.

The unique feature of the Nestaway App

Nestaway download

NestAway’s services are holistic in nature as they provide end-to-end solutions. Apart from providing the basic service of allowing users to go through the various properties and book their home, the app allows tenants to store all the important information like rental agreements and rent receipts. Added to that, it allows tenants to pay their deposit and monthly rent through the app. It also allows them to raise any service and maintenance issue, thereby, making life easier for the tenant and the owner.

The immediate problem an urban migrant faces while moving to a new city is to find a good accommodation basis their needs and preferences. Here’s where NestAway comes to rescue by helping the tenant find a home of their choice. The NestAway app allows prospective tenants to browse through fully furnished rooms, houses, flats, apartments, and homes. The apps allow one to filter their searches to find the right home. Additionally, it allows them to instantly book flats of their choice.

How NESTAWAY helped the people away from home?

As mentioned above Nestaway helps in renting a house. One can rent a room for himself alone or rent a room with other flatmates too. Too many rooms for rent are available in Nestaway.

The advantages of Nestaway are:

  • Pre-arranged Wi-Fi and DTH connection
  • Less security deposit
  • Furnished house
  • No hassle for rental agreement
  • LPG, stove, and utensils
  • Bed, bedsheets, pillow, and pillow covers
  • Cupboards, automatic washing machine, and refrigerator

With all these facilities it will feel more or less like one’s own home.  One doesn’t have to pay any maintenance for the society, and still have 24 hours security guards, lifts, swimming pool, lawn tennis, yoga room, carom room, gym and a beautiful garden. These all facilities helps the students

How easy to book Nestaway apartments

Now, for example, consider you need 3 bedroom house for rent, it is very easy to find a 3 bedroom house for rent at Nestaway.

All you have to do is to visit the Nestaway website. You can choose a flat for rent as well. A 3 bedroom house for rent is more or less like an apartment. So based on your comfort level you can choose a 3 bedroom house for rent or flats for rent. It would be the great experience if you choose flats for rent because you will get all the facilities like  Once you open the website it will ask for which city you belong to. There will be many cities with the pictures, you will have to select from which city you need 3 bedroom house for rent.


You can see the options available on the page. The options will say where exactly you want the 3 bedroom house for rent, house type like the shared room, private room or full house. It will even ask how many people it is required. It also enquires who will stay in the house, like single boys, single girls or family. If you are done with providing all the above information and if you liked any of the house you will have to just log in using your mail or Facebook account. If you don’t have an account in Nestaway you need to sign up first and then log in. And lastly, provide all the information asked for. You will need not talk with brokers and speak about rents and stuff. You can directly select your house and pay the rent online.


NestAway Technologies, a Home Rental solutions startup based out of Bangalore has introduced SmartLocks in their properties. NestAway is a one-stop solution for urban migrants trying to find a rental home. With NestAway’s seamless process, over 25000 tenants have been connected with over 7000 owners. NestAway’s network is growing every day and now they are present in 8 cities.

Nestaway has decided to introduce Smart-lock solutions to the properties which they manage. A smart-lock is basically an electronic lock that serves as an alternative connected security system, replacing the traditional lock and key. With a Smart-lock, tenants can lock or unlock their homes remotely using their mobile. Nestaway also manages internet at all their homes. So ideally the Smart-lock is connected to the internet. It is an IOT solution that is connected to the Internet.

The solution will not only be of convenience to the tenants but also for visiting NestAway representatives for home maintenance or tour visits with potential tenants.  In the future, NestAway plans to introduce NFC enabled locking systems. This lock can be unlocked by just tapping a registered mobile on the lock. With such futuristic solutions, NestAway is all set to create a revolution in the e-real estate market. With all these facilities available it is easy for taking flats for rent. One can buy a room for rent or flats for rent.



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