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Teens Obsession to Cell Phone and the Consequences

Teens Obsession to Cell Phone

Social media addiction has become a rage among teenage users and staying online 24×7 has almost become a norm. When it comes to Teens, they are addicted to social sites on their mobile phone. According to the recent survey, 92% teens use particular social sites on a daily basis, 24% always want to remain online all the time on their favorite social sites. 50% teens check their social accounts sometimes in a single day. Excessive usage of the cell phone may cause adolescent personality traits. Those who have an obsession with the mobile phone are shy, worried, pessimistic and unhealthy. Addiction of social sites and long conversation on cell phone lead them towards artificial goals like playing games and get the reward by doing well in it. They cut off their lives happily from the real existing world and always focused on their piece of addiction.

They usually suffer from low self-esteem, not- cooperative behavior, usage of drugs and poor diet. Teens have health problems like burning eyes, neck pain, and high weight. The main symptoms face by cell phone addicted ones are anxiety, dramatic weight changes, diet change, sleeping disorders, mood changes and absent mind in school timings. They separated themselves from the other important activities exist in their life, and they always pay attention to their cell phone activities rather than anything else.

They only fond of their activities on a cell phone and always neglect the important part of their life like sports and education. But when they get separated from their phone then they show irritable mood changes and feel anxiety. Cell phone addict has a habit of checking their phones when it has not vibrated or rung. The final dangerous part is that they are used too of using a phone while driving or walking on the roads without paying attention, what is coming in their way. According to the National Safety Council stated that almost 1.6 million crashes happened each year due to cell phone use while using devices behind wheels.

Recent reports said that approximately 154 people were killed in the calendar year. About 400000 people were injured in road accidents while using cell phones. The drivers who lose their lives while driving were 10% under the age of 18.

Obsession with mobile phones may cause psychological disorders. There are following complications may occur in teens with addiction to cell phones.

  • Use of Drugs
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Behavioral disorder
  • Depression disorder
  • Eating disorder
  • Personality Disorder

There is another disorder regarding excessive use of cell phone is known as nomophobia. The fear of not having a phone in your pocket is the best example of nomophobia. In the UK 66% percent people have this disorder out of 1000.  Nomophobia is a fear that you realize you do not have a phone with you creates anxiety and negative physical symptoms. It means when you realize suddenly, that you don’t have your phone then you suddenly starts checking yourself unless you found your device. The more interesting part is that female suffers more rather than men.

Positively or negatively cell phone is the ultimate addiction:

The American-based research company known as Pew Research stated that almost two third (64%) of young adults have their smartphones. Mostly younger generation belongs to the middle class have smartphones to get access to the internet. It means that the adults, who don’t have another form of availability, tend towards smartphones to get access to the web via smartphones. American research “Pew Research” company also stated that a vast majority of young adults in America use their smartphones to do texting, video calling and checking their emails via smart phones. So, in nut a nutshell mobile phone become an addiction in positive and negative aspects of life.

Disadvantages of mobile phones for students

  1. Playing games most of the time
  2. Involvement in unwanted things
  3. Sleepless nights and fatigue
  4. Disturb other students
  5. Reduced time with family
  6. Road Accidents

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