Tesla’s Autopilot crash rate reduced by 40%, NHTSA reported


Tesla’s autopilot crash rate dropped 40 percent after the electric carmaker introduced its semi-self-sufficient Autopilot programming reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of USA.

Tesla’s autopilot Analysis:

The U.S. Department of Transportation has stopped its investigation of the crash with a tractor-trailer that killed a driver using Autopilot. An interesting point on the crash itself NHTSA did a crash reconstruction and it says that tractor trailer should have been visible at least for 7 seconds prior to impact to the Tesla’s driver. This leads to the report’s main conclusion that tesla’s autopilot like any other ADAS system, require the uninterrupted and full attention of the driver to supervise the traffic environment and be prepared to take action to avoid accidents. The organization found no sign of a safety issue with it.

Indeed, the proof given by Tesla included critical data that’s been absent from the safety debate surrounding automated cars: crash rates. NHTSA broke down all mileage and airbag organization information provided by Tesla for every one of the 2014 through 2016 Model S and 2016 Model X vehicles furnished with Autopilot. The information shows that the Tesla vehicles crash rate dropped by very nearly 40 percent after installing the autosteer. It additionally takes note of that its examination did not discover any deformities in the design or usage of Tesla’s automatic emergency braking systems (AEB).

The report additionally expresses that company appropriately foreseen the potential for driver misuse in the design of Tesla’s Autopilot. They concentrated on those potential effects and incorporated it into the product’s final design before broad roll-out. In October, the organization started dispatching new autopilot equipment with upgraded sensors that it says will ultimately enable fully autonomous driving.

Every car now ships with eight cameras and a dozen sensors to give 360-degree visibility. The company is rolling out new features that make utilization of the sensor suite in regular over-the-air updates.

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