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Top 10 mobile app development trends that gained momentum in 2017


In the world of fast-paced technology, trends like augmented reality and instant apps narrate a tale of success and serenity in terms of tech-savviness. Setting a revolutionary statement in the tech-conscious world is not like walking in the park or reading your favorite book. It is like removing all the obstacles from the way and planting a new seed of vision.
This is exactly what the mobile app development companies do to roll up a ball of new ventures in the sector of mobile app development. The great example of this cycle of success is a mobile app development company in Singapore that left no stone unturned, making mobile app development its forte. Look at the 10 Top trends in mobile app development that it set for the newbie app development companies to follow:

Time of small businesses

Many market researchers forecast and predict that there will be a strong presence of small businesses in the world of internet. They suggest that there will be all kinds of entrepreneurs in the world ranging from self-employed entrepreneurs, medium-sized businesses to small businesses, busy in boosting up their sales and enhancing their brand images across the globe.

Many mobile app development companies in the world are striving hard to develop apps that are affordable, efficient, engaging, and competitive. Singapore has out powered other countries in the niche of mobile app development. There is a mobile app development company in Singapore that has shown such countless feats in the app development world, leading Singapore to get an edge over other countries.

Security is significant

The best part of the world of mobile app development is that it gives massive importance to security since the scope of online payment is increasing and it might affect the users in a negative way.

Therefore, to prevent users from getting duped in terms of online payment, mobile app development world is paying utmost attention to the issue of security. This is the reason why SSL, advanced encryption, e-commerce, and HTTPS has become a safer and trustworthy option. The number of project that is associated with security, maintenance, privacy enforcement, secure logging, and confidentiality are expected to increase in the year 2017.

The advent of Android Instant apps

There have been some traditional approaches in the world of mobile app development. There was a rise in installing and downloading freeware and shareware along with buying apps with the license. However, with New Year, new trends have been set. Now there is a rise of instant apps that are being promoted by Google Android smartphones.

Now a user just needs an Android phone that has an undisrupted high-speed internet connectivity to use apps without bearing the pain to install them. This is rather a cool feature that has become a part of mobile app development sector in the year 2017. These apps also promise intriguing and interesting experiences to the users. Many businesses have embraced this kind of mobile innovation since they can see the potential in it. It is also expected that in 2017, progressive web apps will help new businesses adjust to the new realm of mobile-first solutions.

Augmented Reality

It has taken the world of utility apps by storm. It is the future of the world of smartphone apps. It is ready to increase engagement, interactivity, and user-friendliness. It is indeed a work of genius to superimpose the reality of users with a computer-generated virtual reality, and this is exactly what AR apps offer.

This view enhances the engagement of customers while increasing the sales and value of a brand. AR is no longer tied to the briars of games and entertainment. It has gained momentum in the fields of online marketing, education, location hunting, GPS, and instant messaging.

Large businesses

Businesses have always depended upon micro apps that are created based on certain HTML principles in terms of mono-functional management, simple and targeted processes, and functions. Mobile apps have become very efficient and multi-featured in the niche of collaborating and managing a variety of hardwired projects. Deployment strategies, continuous delivery techniques, and agile development have become an integral part of projects. This is the reason why developers have started relying on these techniques and technologies to create seamless mobile apps.

Swift programming language

Apple has opted Swift programming language to turn itself into a more promising app development company. It has pledged to make its apps laden with more features in the year 2017. It is all set to give competition to its tech rivals like JavaScript, Perl, and Obj C.
Enormous space for big data Data mining has completely transformed the landscape of information gathering and data analytics in a way that technology experts and information analysts suggest that there will be an integration of massive data in the world of mobile app development.

Mobile payments

E-commerce has shown a whole world of possibilities for the sector of online businesses. Many brands like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung are trying the m-commerce payment option. Debit, credit cards, and PayPal have become a thing of the past due to the advent of Google wallet, Microsoft wallet, Apple pay, and Samsung pay.


Due to the direct interaction with the cloud, many mobile apps have set to revolutionize the industry of smartphones. The best part is that phones will no longer need an internal space the moment cloud-based mobile apps will rise up. These apps will stir areas like browsing, entertainment, business, and messaging.

Artificial Intelligence

Many services mark the presence of artificial intelligence in the sector of app development. These services are mostly based on mobile wallets, cloud interaction, augmented reality, instant apps, and location. Therefore, 2017 will be a year for all thinkers, tech experts, scientists, app developers and data analysts who want to get acquainted with the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the world of technology. Recently Elon musk is trying to merge Human brian with AI.


We hope that you have gained a complete understanding of the upcoming trends of 2017 through this article, and have understood why a top mobile app development company in Singapore received a bundle of praises from the tech industry.



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