Top Five Technologies
21st century has been outlined by application of and advancement in information technology. IT has become an integral part of our lifestyle. According to information Technology Association of America, IT is defined as “the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems.”
Information technology has served as an enormous change agent in several aspect of business and society. It has proved game changer in resolving economic and social problems. Advancement and application of information technology are ever dynamical.

Some of the Top Five technologies in IT industry

1. Cloud computing

Technology and cloud are bound to become synonyms shortly. In fact, for some, it already is. The idea of own data centers and bigger groups to manage it, and on-premise hosting of business applications is going to diffuse. Disaster recovery could be a piece of demand from the cloud partner instead of fighting for it on your own.

Cloud computing offers three kinds of broad services mainly Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and software as a Service (SaaS).

Top Five Technologies

Benefits of Cloud computing is as follows:

1. Cloud computing reduces IT infrastructure price of the corporate.
2. Cloud computing promotes the concept of virtualization, that allows server and storage device to be used across organization.
3. Cloud computing makes maintenance of software and hardware easier as installation isn’t needed on each end user’s laptop.

Some problems regarding cloud computing are privacy, compliance, security, legal, abuse, IT governance, etc.

2. Mobile Application

Another emerging trend within info technology is mobile applications (software application on smart phone, tablet, etc.)

Mobile application or mobile app has become a hit since its introduction. They’re designed to run on Smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices. It is available as a download from various mobile operating systems like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, etc. The mobile app are available free wherever as some involve download cost. The revenue collected is shared between app distributor and app developer.


Top Five Technologies


3. User Interfaces

Top Five Technologies

User interface has undergone a revolution since introduction of touch screen. The touch screen capability has revolutionized approach end users move with application. touch screen enables the user to directly act with what’s displayed and also removes any intermediate hand-held device just like the mouse. Touch screen capability is used in smart phones, tablet, info kiosks and other information appliances.

4. Network Security

Top Five Technologies
With increased demand of external world connectivity you wish to be doubly secured for infringements in your network. Any suspicious attack not solely presents an enormous threat to your business information however also is susceptible to slow down your network. you need to confirm high-level security during information flow through the internal and external pipes.

5. Analytics

Top Five Technologies
The field of analytics has fully grown several folds in recent years. Analytics could be a process that helps in discovering the informational patterns with data. the field of analytics is a combination of statistics, computer programming and operations research.

The field of analytics has shown growth within the field of data analytics, predictive analytics and social analytics. Data analytics is tool used to support decision-making process. It converts raw data into meaningful insights. Predictive analytics is tool used to predict future events supported current and historical data. Social media analytics is tool used by corporations to know and accommodate customer wants.

The every ever-changing field of information technology has seen great advancement and changes in the last decade. And from the rising trend, it will be concluded that its influence on business is ever growing, and it’ll help corporations to serve customers better.

Remember all these Top Five Technologies are merely the tip of the iceberg. The technology has and will keep expanding itself for a smarter and better future.


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