Viber is liable for Copying Snapchat Features In New iOS, Android App Updates


Snapchat was among the first that brought self-destructing messages, however several platforms currently have something similar. The messaging service Viber has currently introduced virtually a similar feature, that allows users to send photos and videos that automatically delete once a set amount of your time. Just when Viber launched the updates for its free messaging and calling mobile apps, TechCrunch revealed a story on how the corporate simply cloned some Snapchat options with Secret Chats.

The ingenious express web site also pointed out how this new feature on the Viber apps have a similar thought and use as the self-destructing snaps on Snapchat. It’s also said to have copied the feature that alerts users whenever the person on the other finish takes a screenshot of the timed chat messages.

Viber Snaps Snapchat

Viber Improvements:

The latest update to Viber for iOS delivers some of tweaks to make the app easier to use and even share. For starters, there are style enhancements to the introduction screens, helping new users get comfortable with the app. The interface for group chats has also been slightly changed so that you’ll currently see that of your friends within the group chat have read your messages, as in Facebook messenger.

And there’s a brand new Keep Media setting that permits you to choose how long your shared photos and videos are stored for within the app a quite helpful setting if you wish to save precious space on your device, significantly if it’s a 16 GB iPhone. simply visit the more tab, tap Media, tap Keep Media, and select if you wish to keep shared media forever, for one year, for one month, or for one week. If you decide on to keep media for only a certain period, all files shared before that period are going to be automatically deleted, with their total file size indicated accordingly.

As of last month, Viber reportedly surpassed 800 million registered users and 260 million monthly active users. The app competes with other encrypted chat platforms as well as Edward Snowden-endorsed Signal, WhatsApp, Line and Kakao talk, to call just a few. The new, secret messages feature in Viber could also be welcome but it’s not exactly groundbreaking. Line and Kakao talk, for example, offer one thing similar. Line includes a timer, very similar to Viber’s for still photos. And Kakao speak deletes messages when they have been browse. Snapchat, of course, created short-lived messaging thought

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